Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Ocean

We enjoyed a long weekend at Pismo recently. It was Samuel's first beach experience and we were all anxious to see reactions. His siblings had been telling him all about the ocean and the sand for weeks, but we knew he had no reference point. How do you explain something as massive as the ocean! But, Samuel continues to amaze us with his ability to keep up and comprehend things. His English is coming along quickly now and it's so fun to hear him practice his words. He can say ocean very clearly and when he first laid eyes on it he exclaimed excitedly, "BIG ocean, mama". He makes us all smile.

Noah is doing so well. Thank you for all your prayers for him...the adjustment was tough at first, but he is learning to love his new brother. It is evident God has been at work in his little heart.

God created so many beautiful things! Although, I wish my flowers at home would grow without being watered like this one.

This is the famous crinkle nose smile. Samuel continues to be a tender-hearted boy and so affectionate too.

Our oldest, Taylor, just turned 12. His love for Jesus and desire to know Him is evident in his life. I asked him recently what he would think about us adopting another child sometime and he answered with a sincere "sure" and a grin. Ryan and I have witnessed his love for his little Russian rascal brothers and really step up as a role model for them. He is a big help and trustworthy too. We are so grateful for God's grace to make us suitable parents to this growing & maturing boy. It's been a humbling experience (being a parent in general) and has been one of the many vehicles God has used to draw us nearer to Himself.

Lauren had loads of fun with her face painting kit she bought with her own money. Everyone was adorned with cute pictures on our cheeks. She took requests and enjoyed the attention, as she felt so professional!

Makenna loved her yellow flower.  Sisters are so fun!

This is a perfect shot of those little curved feet we have come to adore. We've been to see several doctors at Shriner's Hospital and all agree he would not benefit from surgery at this time. He gets around great and is not afraid of much. Frequent falling and scrapes and bruises on his noggin were a concern in the beginning, he has the scars to prove it, but now he is balancing much better.

Sweet Lauren with a sand mustache. It was so nice and warm and so the kids played all afternoon in the sand right across from the house. They had fun burying each other and building sand fortresses.

I think he's getting too big for the playground.

Samuel is not so sure about how the sand feels in his toes!

This boy is definitely too big for the playground. Daddy and Samuel enjoyed the swings.

This is an old post I never published!  Better late, than never.


Tamra Gardner said...

Was glad to see you posting again! Keep them coming :) Your are truely blessed with such an awsome family.

Jenn said...

Great pictures! What fun family times.